The Benefits of Hemp Fabric: Is it Better than Cotton?

Hemp fabric is four times stronger than organic cotton and does not stretch, so clothes keep their shape longer. It is also resistant to abrasion and can withstand the elements. Hemp fabric lasts longer and doesn't wear out as quickly as cotton, has three times more tensile strength and flexibility, and requires significantly less water to produce. Hemp has been used for centuries, but its reputation has been tarnished due to its association with marijuana.

Initially, hemp fabric isn't always as soft as cotton, but it gets softer over time. Hemp is a robust and resistant plant, with fibers that have a high tensile strength, making clothing made with hemp durable and resistant to tearing. It also adds stability and strength to cotton, making the fabric stronger and slightly reducing its shrinkage. Hemp is considered a carbon-negative crop, since it sequesters more CO2 than it generates per harvest cycle.

In addition, hemp generates more fiber per acre in less time and with less water compared to cotton. There are several hemp clothing brands that are making their mark on the apparel industry, so the transition should be easy. So is hemp actually better than cotton? The answer is yes! Hemp fabric is stronger, more durable, requires less water to produce, and adds stability and strength to cotton. It's also carbon-negative and becoming increasingly popular in the apparel industry.

If you're looking for a durable material that can withstand the elements, hemp is definitely the way to go.

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