Will Eating Hemp Cause a False Positive on a Drug Test?

Hemp foods won't cause a false positive on a drug test. The trace levels of THC in hemp foods are so low that they can barely be measured, less than 10 parts per million, which is the Health Canada standard. A study showed that ingesting hemp seed food products resulted in urine samples that tested positive for marijuana.


is popular because it's an excellent dietary supplement for people who are allergic to soy, as it contains approximately 11 grams of protein in a single scoop.

Bechtel states that the laboratory routinely tests for drugs and finds no trace of THC in people who consume hemp as a health food but who don't use marijuana. He adds that people need to understand that they would have to consume a lot of hemp seeds or more to test positive. However, consuming hemp foods that are not commercially produced, hemp-based oils, or using homemade hemp-based products may have risks of testing positive. Generally, unusually large amounts of hemp oil or hemp seeds would be needed to test positive for drugs.

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