The Benefits of Hemp Lotion and CBD Oil

Hemp oil and cannabidiol (CBD) oil are two different products, although they both come from the same plant. Hemp seed oil is extracted from the tiny seeds of the Cannabis sativa plant, while CBD is extracted from the stems, leaves and flowers of the hemp plant. CBD comes in several forms, including isolated CBD, which is purified CBD without anything else. Hemp lotions with CBD oil tend to be a little more expensive, but they offer a range of benefits for the skin and body.

Hemp lotion is an all-natural, pure and non-toxic moisturizer that provides a variety of health benefits for the skin and body. It contains hemp oil that was extracted from the seeds of the industrial hemp plant, which is packed with essential fatty acids (EFAs). When CBD is added to body lotion, it not only hydrates the skin but also helps to relieve inflammation and pain. Studies have shown that hemp-derived CBD can soothe sore muscles, reduce stress, improve sleep and even eliminate acne. If you're looking for a body cream that works wonders for aches and pains, but at the same time allows you to get a lot of benefits for your skin, this hemp oil lotion from Spruce contains 300 mg of pain-relieving CBD.

The hemp body lotion I used contains 200 mg of CBD, so I got a double dose of benefits. It could even benefit the complexion. As more and more states legalize the sale, purchase and use of cannabis, hemp-based products seem to be popping up everywhere. If you read “-Spectrum” at the end of any hemp or CBD descriptor, it usually means that it is accompanied by other cannabinoids found in the hemp plant, sometimes including THC (broad-spectrum CBD usually contains THC, while full-spectrum CBD does not). As with any botanical or plant-based ingredient, people who are allergic to hemp are at risk of irritating their skin. Hemp lotions with CBD oil can be expensive but they offer a range of benefits for the skin and body.

It is important to read labels and know what type of hemp lotion you are consuming. An all-natural, pure and non-toxic moisturizer, hemp lotion provides a ton of health benefits for the skin and body.

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